What's happening

23 Aug - 25 Oct

Alpha Online

How can we connect with others meaningfully and help meet their needs in these challenging times? Alpha Online can be the platform to do just that!
10 Sep - 29 Oct

Online Happiness Group 线上幸福小组

什么是幸福小组?来参加,就晓得! 我们邀请的对象是讲华语和还未信耶稣的家人、朋友等!(BEST) 让我们一起来幸福吧!今天就邀请您的BEST报名参加!The Mandarin Ministry is having an inaugural run of Happiness Group online. All Chinese-speaking Covenanters, pre-believing friends and loved ones are invited to join!
25 - 27 Nov

Men’s Breakthrough Weekend

Men’s Breakthrough Weekend will be back in Malaysia this November! Join Men-in-Covenant for a time of spiritual awakening. Together as brothers in Christ, let's experience breakthroughs as we encounter God.

China Workers Fellowship 恩友团契

Let’s be the vital village to the nations in our midst. Serve with us at our Sunday lunches, services and CGs at Sungei Tengah Lodge for our Chinese brothers.
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EiC Spiritual Retreat 2022

As we advance in age, we want to know that our lives matter to God, to others, and to ourselves. Through this spiritual retreat, we hope to build stronger faith for our discipleship journeys and deepen spiritual friendships in our community.
8 - 10 Dec

Generations Camp 2022

This year's theme is REKINDLE taken from 2 Timothy 1:1-7. We want to rekindle the gift of God in every camp participant and facilitator so as to win the world for God's Kingdom. Starting this year, Generations Camp will be organized and planned by generations for generations. So whether you are a youth, parent, or adult, there is a place for you!
15 Oct

Parent-Child Dedication Class

If you have children below 12 years old and considering parent-child dedication, this class is a requirement. Learn about the purpose of dedication,  parents' ownership of disciplemaking, and children's developmental phases.
10 Sep & 15 Oct

EiC – MiC Forum: Switching Gear, Changing Pace

If you are a male Covenanter above 40 years old, come and hear from brothers who are ahead in their journey on how they navigate the seasons of life by switching gear and changing pace.
22 - 24 Oct

Hope Retreat

Covenant CancerCARE is holding its first ever retreat for cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers. Meet God, make friends and have some fun in therapeutic arts and workshops.
18 - 20 Nov

Marriage Breakthrough Weekend

Breakthrough happens when God breaks in and we break forth with Him! God desires that we return to a delightful alignment with Him through community and the Holy Spirit. If you are a married couple in Covenant EFC, do prayerfully join us for this weekend away. 
2 - 4 Dec

Women’s Breakthrough Weekend

Join us in our first overseas Women's Breakthrough Weekend (WBTW) since the pandemic! We trust that God will refresh our perspective of Him, recognising that He is our only source of hope with the theme 'Christ, Our Living Hope' and the anchor verse 1 Timothy 4:10.

Devotional Journal

The Oct 2022 Devotional Journal is now available here. Printed copies will be available from Sunday, 25 Sep at all three centres.