Our calling as a church is to make disciples. Every member of the body of Christ has been given different spiritual gifts to invest into God’s Kingdom and to serve one another in love. Get involved today and join us to bless, serve and reach the community for Jesus. 

God’s Mission and You

Our God is a missional God. Mission is part of God’s very nature. Consider these: When He created the world, He did not create

Preparing to Lead a Small Group Discussion

The goal of Bible study is to know God. Yet, there is a great difference between intellectual assent of the concept of God’s love and

Yes, God Can Use Your “Little”!

How God opened doors for Cheryl and family to open theirs​ From the Bible, the call to serve rings loud and clear. It doesn’t

The Whole Church in Missions

What if missions, like discipleship, is for the Church – the whole Church – to be involved in? Matthew 28:18-20 records for us: 18 And Jesus came and

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