Honouring Our Mothers

Mum Justin

Mother’s Day is a time for honour. We want to honour and celebrate them by sharing God-stories of how this relationship is such a blessing, to us and also to others. We all have memories around Mother’s Day – whether we remember how we grew up under their care, or when we take care of […]

How to Work from Home with Your Family and Still Obey the Sixth Commandment

In these tense times, our Family Life pastor takes a light-hearted look at how to survive working at home and still build flourishing relationships within the family. Many of us are working from home these days. Some are really happy about this — the ones with long commutes to work, for example. But I suspect the happiest ones are the true introverts – the ones for whom […]

Family Discipleship: Next Level

While TNG services are temporarily suspended, Covenanters have stepped up to take family discipleship to the next level! Here’s what a mum of three young children from Woodlands Centre says: “Not being able to go to church has forced us to be more intentional about whether and how we disciple our kids. While it may […]