Who Will Help Feed Those In Need, Even During Lunar New Year?

By Jacinth Chia | 13 January 2023

Serving and Praying Alongside the LNY Bless Ministry


Every LNY, a team of Covenantors from all three centres can be found in an intense flurry of planning, cooking and delivering home-cooked meals — not for their own families, but for 70 beneficiaries living in the Bukit Batok, Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Panjang area.


Since 2017, the CNY Bless project has brought homemade meals to the doorsteps of elderly beneficiaries. As these elderly live alone and are unable to get meals by themselves, these lunches and dinners cooked by volunteers are typically the only “food delivery service” running for them during the LNY holiday period.


Food delivery! A LNY Bless team hand delivers the meals to beneficiaries during LNY, including handwritten cards


That said, volunteers prepare and deliver more than food! For Covenanters like Helen Yeo (Bukit Panjang Centre), it’s also a chance to befriend the beneficiaries and deliver a message of hope.


We catch up with Helen to find out her story* of how she started serving, and her heartbeat for this ministry:


Q: How did you start serving in LNY Bless?

Helen: On my own, I had been asking God how I could be a blessing to others, even those outside my family. At the same time, I heard CEFC make an announcement during service that the Community Blessings project needed volunteers to cook a few meals for the community during LNY. I was ready to be available and willing to cook and deliver the meals.


Q: Are there any challenges faced serving in LCNY Bless?

Helen: Usually, we need to call the beneficiaries the day before delivering food to inform them of the time of our arrival. Once, my beneficiaries forgot about the time and went to the temple instead! So I had to deliver the food at a later time, though that meant that the food would not be hot or good.

Another time, an elderly beneficiary was a little upset when he did not get the food delivered at his preferred time. In all, I learnt to be patient and understanding.


A LNY Bless team cooking nutritious and delicious bento sets, freshly prepared before delivery.


Q: What have you learnt from serving?

Helen: It is not about how good a cook I am. I believe as long as you are willing and most important made yourself available, the rest is not as significant. Like myself, I started off with little confidence in what to cook and how to cook.

In fact, my cooking skills improved after I asked God to send me people to teach me — once, an elderly beneficiary requested for sayong lodeh, so I got help from my Malay neighbour!


Q: How can Covenanters pray to support the LNY Bless Ministry?

Helen: I would think lots of prayers would be needed for elderly beneficiaries, that they will be comfortable, accept our service with an open heart, and trust our intentions. Because of the age difference, at times it is hard for volunteers to understand the sufferings and sharing of the elderly, while some would rather not say much when we visit.

I think volunteers do need prayers in areas like confidence, the ability to listen and knowing how to respond towards the elderly. The LNY Bless project needs all the help we can get, so it would be good too for families to come alongside to share the heartbeat and help out!


How you can pray to support the CNY Bless project

    • Pray for PDA opportunities as some of the volunteers are serving meals to the same households as last year
    • Opportunities to connect with pre-believers serving together during meal preparations
    • Beneficiaries to experience God’s love and joy as they receive their meals


If you would like to serve or find out more, follow Community Blessings Ministry on Facebook

*Shared with permission. Some responses are edited for clarity.


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Daily Devo
Daily Devotional Journal
Daniel 5:17, 25-31; 6:1-2
Mon, 5 June 2023

Serving from Babylon to Persia


What is the significance of Daniel serving in the Babylonian and Persian
courts successively?

Deeper Reflection
God’s word to Belshazzar that He would “put an end” to his kingdom and give it “over to the Medes and Persians” was fulfilled immediately – “that same night” (v.30) – after Daniel’s interpretation of the inscription on the wall (vv.25-31). God can fulfil His Word immediately or after a long time. Whatever time God may take to fulfil His Word, He is “trustworthy in all His promises and faithful in all He does” (Psa 145:13b, NIV).The demise of the Babylonian hegemony was not just a historical event, but primarily a theological one. Nebuchadnezzar was “My servant” whom God raised to judge His unfaithful people in the seventy-year Babylonian exile (Jer 25:8-9, 11). When God had accomplished His purpose through Babylon, “I will punish the king of Babylon and that nation” (Jer 25:12). This is how God deals with arrogant and evil nations: “And Babylon, the beauty of kingdoms, the glory of the Chaldeans’ pride, will be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah” (Isa 13:19).The end of Babylon does not mean an insecure future for Daniel. However drastically our circumstances may change, God’s call for our lives remains when we walk with Him faithfully. We are secure in God’s call, because it is God’s call. Daniel became one of “the three commissioners” in Persia (Dan 6:1-2). It wasn’t that having lost his job Daniel applied to serve the Persian king. Daniel couldn’t do that. It was purely by royal appointment. But behind the “It seemed good to Darius to appoint” (Dan 6:1) was God’s call for Daniel to serve Him from Babylon to Persia.

How do I relate God’s call for me in drastic changes of my life situations?

Lord, I believe You have a calling for my life which You have intended to be distinctive for me. I want to live my life with a deep sense of answering Your calling. Help me to walk with You faithfully, knowing that as I do so, You will unfold Your plans for me in that calling. Grant me wisdom and understanding to discern Your calling for my life.
Prayer Pointers:
  • Give thanks and praise
  • Pray for leaders
  • Pray for significant people
  • Pray for those in need
  • Pray for self

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