Rest in the Midst of Anxiety

God is the One who has given us life. He is our Creator. He is our Redeemer. He is our Saviour. God is the One who loves us. He is with us. He is for us. He is sanctifying us. God is the One who is in ultimate control. He is bringing all things to […]

Opportunities in the Midst of Loneliness

As a Christian, you may feel lonely, but you are not alone. When our Lord Jesus was thinking about His impending trials before the authorities and crucifixion on the cross, He knew that all His disciples will desert Him and leave Him alone. Yet Jesus knew that He was not alone, for the Father was […]

Trust in the Midst of Uncertainty

The future is very uncertain to us. Nobody knows when the COVID-19 pandemic will end. When will we be able to physically gather with friends and relatives again? Will we still have our current jobs and envisaged career paths? Should I close down my business and cut the heavy losses? What kind of education will […]

Security in the Midst of Loss

The kinds of loss people face include the loss of job, career, dreams, marriage, significance, health, loved ones, meaning, purpose and hope. The experience of loss is especially common to people everywhere as we find ourselves struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Nations are doing our best to respond to this unprecedented crisis, but […]

Coronavirus, Suffering and Psalm 91 The Disciple’s Problem of Trust

What underpins the theology of Psalm 91 is an understanding of the problem of sin in Part 1 and the human experience of suffering in Part 2. These thoughts frame for us the larger questions we need to grapple with as we consider what is at the heart of Psalm 91. The issue with Psalm 91 is this: It seems to suggest that those who take refuge in […]

Coronavirus, Suffering and Psalm 91 The Human Problem of Suffering

In Part 1, The Universal Problem of Pain, Sin and Death, we broadly sketched out the reality of our human condition as a result of sin. Here, we consider the existential reality of suffering as we live in this imperfect world marred by pain, sin and death. Suffering can come about because of our own bad choices. If I chose to live […]

Coronavirus, Suffering and Psalm 91 The Universal Problem of Pain, Sin and Death

Recently I was asked the question: “What are we to make of Psalm 91 in such times?” The question of COVID-19 and Psalm 91 must be framed within the larger lens of the problem of pain and suffering. C.S. Lewis wrote an entire book on it, The Problem of Pain. Pain is the problem! Much of our lives is devoted to minimising and removing pain. Whole […]