As We Wait, We Build

1 Thess 5:9-11

19 June 2022 Bukit Panjang Speaker: Ps Katherine Chan Click here Woodlands/Online Speaker:Rev Edmund Wong Click here East Speaker:Rev Matthew Lo Click here

Are You Ready?

1 Thess 5:4-8

12 June 2022 Bukit Panjang Speaker: Hor Guo Yi Click here Woodlands/Online Speaker: Rev Sharon Fong Click here East Speaker: Ps Sandra Chi Click here

Being Ever Ready

1 Thess 5:1-5

5 June 2022 Bukit Panjang Speaker: Ps Lee Da-Win Click here Woodlands/Online Speaker:Ps Kirk Tan Click here East Speaker:Benjamin Sun Click here

Don’t Mistake Surplus for Security

Have you ever been betrayed by earthly treasures? Or by material promises that vaporise overnight? It happened to my family during the 2009 financial crisis. Through that incident, I was awakened to my confusion of surplus for security, and my misplaced trust in earthly treasures. A few months before the financial crisis, my wife and I agreed that I would leave my corporate job to work full-time in church. We made a firm commitment. Up till the moment of our decision, there […]

Greatness Redefined

In the Gospel of Mark, the Lord Jesus taught His disciples what following Him really entailed. Surprisingly, even Jesus’ hand-picked twelve apostles struggled to understand this in their early days of following Jesus. Let us embark on a brief journey together to better understand what following Jesus Christ is about. Jesus predicted three times (in Mark […]

Meaning in the Midst of Disruption

Disruptions to our life are untimely and inconvenient. They break the flow of our plans, scheduled events and normal ways of doing things. We cannot do business as usual. We are forced to make changes and adapt. When the disruption is severe and unprecedented—as in the case of the present pandemic—our routines are broken, our […]

Rest in the Midst of Anxiety

God is the One who has given us life. He is our Creator. He is our Redeemer. He is our Saviour. God is the One who loves us. He is with us. He is for us. He is sanctifying us. God is the One who is in ultimate control. He is bringing all things to […]

Opportunities in the Midst of Loneliness

As a Christian, you may feel lonely, but you are not alone. When our Lord Jesus was thinking about His impending trials before the authorities and crucifixion on the cross, He knew that all His disciples will desert Him and leave Him alone. Yet Jesus knew that He was not alone, for the Father was […]