The Transfiguration of Jesus

The account of Jesus’ transfiguration in Mark 9:2-13 makes a good script for the movies: dazzling lights, well-known personalities suddenly appearing out of nowhere, a mysterious cloud descending and a booming voice declaring Jesus as the “beloved” of God. Any observer would have been awed, frightened by the numinous scene unfolding before one’s very eyes.  The three […]

The Mind-Blowing Mission of Jesus

Have you ever dared to tick off your boss or superior? I’m guessing that most of us would only do so only if absolutely necessary, and as an absolute last resort! Now, let’s take this further: what if the boss was the Lord Jesus Christ? The Gospel of Mark records for us a stunning incident […]

The God Who Helps Us

I attended a Christian secondary school that was guided by Christian values. In order to give us extra motivation to hit the books, our teachers would sometimes remind us about the “most famous” verse in the Bible – “God helps those who help themselves”. In other words, they were telling us: Don’t laze around thinking […]

Calling God Father

Can we really call God our Father? Some of us may be highly averse to, or sceptical about, the idea of God as our Father. There are at least two factors that might motivate such a reaction. The first has to do with our reasoning about God. If God truly exists, this argument goes, He must be so much […]