Hi! Welcome to Covenant East!  

We are Covenant EFC’s youngest worship centre planted in November 2016. We are a Church family that passionately offers the hope of Jesus Christ to others and to make everyone feel welcomed and part of our spiritual home!  

COVID-19 has opened up unexpected opportunities for authentic discipleship growth, particularly through our Covenant small groups. The generations have grown in knowing God deeper and continue to intentionally make disciples so we can collectively win the world for Christ! Despite limitations around social gatherings, we are immensely encouraged to hear stories of various ones blessing relatives, friends, neighbours and colleagues, bringing some to faith in Jesus Christ! 

As our weekly in-person worship services reopen for all generations, we want to see people experience the presence of God, receive hope through the Gospel, and strengthened in their discipleship so they may be sent out as disciplemakers in the world.  

Our Church is open to all ages and to all walks of life. If you live around the eastern part of Singapore, you are most welcome to join us for worship. 
Come join us every Sunday!

Matthew Lo

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