Hey Easties!  

God created laughter, colours and fun! He created life to be filled with enjoyment! So during the final weekend of October at our Transition Camp for Primary Six kids, I believe the Lord had a huge smile on His face! The kids had an absolute ball! It was awesome seeing them filled with excitement, giggling, cheering one another on during the many activities, and gradually building relationships with each other! It was wonderful seeing them worshipping the Lord. A huge shout out to the organising committee, TNG disciplemakers and Hui Fang for making this possible! Praise God!   

Praise God for providing Suntec Convention as our new temporary “home”! It was fantastic worshipping Jesus together at Suntec during our pilot service and as we welcomed 26 new members into the Covenant family! At end October, we received notice from Capri Hotel that from 27 November, our children’s ministry could no longer be held there as it will be converted into a quarantine centre. Had we not signed with Suntec in September, we would be scrambling for a new home. We praise the Lord for His sovereignty and provision!  

God is simply amazing!



Ps Matt

Matthew Lo

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