Into the Wilderness

SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 21:1 – 22:5


In the wilderness:

  1. When You Feel ALONE, RUN to HIM Who Supplies Our Needs (21:1-9)
  2. When You Are AFRAID, REACH OUT to HIM Who Provides Our Escape (21:10-15)
  3. When You Are UNSURE, REJOICE in HIM Who Forms Our Future (22:1-5)


God is there with us in the wilderness.

Reflection Questions (for CGs and families)
  1. Which feelings do you identify with (loneliness, fear, uncertainty) in this season? Share and pray with one another.

  2. What are some things that the Lord has spoken to you this morning? What will you do about it?
Next Week’s Sermon

1 Samuel 22:6 – 23

Next Week’s Speakers

Ps Sandra Chi (BPJ), Ps Sharon Fong (WDL), & Ps Matthew Lo (East)