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The Next Generation (TNG)

We want to see vibrant young disciples who are:-

Excited about Jesus,
Gripped by the Word of God,
Filled with His Spirit, and
Daring to share Christ with others!
They are young but passionate in building His Church.
We see revival movement in our church and beyond!

For updates, information, and timings at each centre, please visit these links: WoodlandsBukit Panjang and East


Women-in-Covenant’s (WiC) mission is to equip women to walk in godliness so that they will embrace their God-given destiny and be empowered to reach out to others. This is in line with Covenant EFC’s mission to return the church to its disciplemaking roots through authentic discipleship and intentional disciplemaking.

Women are an anchor to the home and the church community. In the midst of the many demands of life, there is a need for women to be restored in their significance and security and to rebuild relationships through love and forgiveness, bringing healing to both home and community.

A key distinctive of WiC is the creation of a safe place for women to be real about their struggles, and to be willing to allow God to break into their lives.

The main platforms include the Women’s Breakthrough Weekend (in-person retreats) and the online equipping GROW series. There is sharing of the Word through plenary sessions as well as small group time for authentic sharing and accountability. Another key burden of WiC is the development of women leaders through small group mentoring, equipping sessions and service in the various ministry initiatives. Finally, WiC seeks to minister to women in specific phases and needs of life through small group support for women with special needs children and single-again women (widows and divorcees).

We invite women to come and experience community and deep sharing in our online GROW sessions as well as in-person Breakthrough Retreats.


Women in Covenant


Men-in-Covenant (MiC) is our men’s ministry and part of the Family Life Ministry.

MiC believes that God has a unique spiritual mandate for men in their families and His church. Our mission is to return men to an authentic and godly manhood and to catalyse men’s movements in Singapore and beyond. This manhood is about a certain kind (ACK) of man: secure in his identity, taking up his responsibilities, walking in integrity, accountable to a community and living out His destiny in Christ – all for His glory.

Our discipleship platforms include Men’s Breakthrough Weekends, regular prayer and equipping sessions, periodic men’s conferences and retreats, and in-house discipleship resources. Through these platforms, we provide men with a safe place where they can share authentically, find acceptance and be encouraged to cultivate empowering relationships.


Telegram channel: (for updates on our activities)


Families-in-Covenant (FiC) supports Covenanters in building strong, God-centred families with a focus on equipping members for marriage and parenting.


The Bible compares the marital relationship with Christ and the church, one that testifies of His unity and His holiness. When the relationship between a couple emulates Christlikeness despite our human sinfulness, it becomes a living testimony. As a couple, how do we bring discipleship alive to live life in His will, His ways, His timing and His purpose in humility and lordship to Christ?

FiC equips couples to face life’s challenges with the Lord’s grace and mercy, grow in humility to learn and love each other, and serve with joy and perseverance to fulfil His purpose of restoring humanity to His Kingdom. Our platforms include Discovery Weekend for courting couples, Marriage Preparation Course for couples who are planning to get married, and Marriage Breakthrough Weekend for married couples to strengthen their spiritual union.


Children are gifts from the Lord (Psalm 127:3)., When a couple welcomes a newborn into their family, it is the start of their parenting journey to bring up their child in the way of the Lord (Deuteronomy 6:7). However,  unexamined parenting styles can affect a couple’s relationship and the child’s faith formation, character development, biblical values and world view.

Parenting is about building relationships with God, with one another, and with others. We believe that discipleship starts at home and invite parents-to-be and fellow parents to learn, grow and serve together. We support parents through these four phases of their children’s development:

  • Birth to 6 years old: Foundations-building
  • 7 to 12 years old: Teaching
  • 13 to 18 years old: Coaching
  • 19 years old and beyond: Befriending


Care in Covenant


In a disciplemaking church, we want to come alongside members to counsel and to bring about restoration in relationships for those who grapple with pains in their discipleship journey. Through a redemptive journey, we desire that everyone to experience the abundance found only in Christ.

Our ministry includes equipping Covenanters with people-helping skills, providing resources to specialized support groups such as Covenant CancerCare, referrals to professional help, and short-term intervention (approx. 5 sessions) to those who need help with deeper issues in life.

If you are a Covenant EFC member or in a Covenant Group, and need counselling, please sign up here. Our staff will get back to you.


With a population of growing older adults in church, the EiC’s priority is to contribute to life transition changes for adults aged 50 and above. Encouragers are learning to accept that their decades of being in employment will come to a stop. Parents caring for their children till they continued into tertiary education will face empty nests. God desires that through their transition, Encouragers to seek after Him with the purpose of proclaiming God’s righteousness and faithfulness in their lives.

Encouragers are called into three areas in their life transitions:

Lordship: Instead of retiring from serving the Lord, it’s the Lord who reorientates their worldview of God in their new season. They grow from “Who is God?” to “Who is my Master in life?” (Luke 9:23-26Phi 1:21)

Life: Instead of lamenting about deteriorating health, they see aging as an opportunity to depend more on God’s grace and the love of others, as they trust Him to deal with disappointments and losses in life!  (2 Cor 4:162 Tim 4:7)

Legacy: Instead of growing spiritually cold, they can be Titus 1 and 2 men and women, teachers of good things. (Ps 92: 12-15; 2 Tim 2:2)

EiC advances Covenant’s mission through a 3-2-1 annual discipleship rhythm as means to grow their spiritual disciplines and engage in outreach. There are 3 runs of Day with Jesus, 2 Connect events and 1 Spiritual Retreat annually.



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Daily Devo
Daily Devotional Journal
Sun, 31 December 2023

Sunday Journal

Past Week’s Review
  • What was my high point and my low point for the week?
  • What gave me life and what drained me?
  • How was the Spirit of God at work?

What is one key thing that God said to me this week in light of what has happened?


What is one thing I need to do in light of what God is saying?
Commit in prayer.

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