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Worship is at the heart of discipleship! We worship a big God! We express our worship personally through the way we live our lives.   

At our weekly services, the Worship ministry leads the people in expressing our worship as a collective body through our spiritual gifts – music and creative arts. As we worship and glorify God, we are strengthened in our discipleship so we may be sent out as His disciplemakers.   

Come serve together with us in the choir, children’s choir, or as a dancer, musician, worship vocalist or as part of the audio-visual tech crew. 

If you would like to get involved, click here.


“History belongs to the intercessors” (Walter Wink). When God moves in history, He does so through the prayers of His people. God invites us to partner with Him for the fulfilment of His global disciplemaking agenda and become more like Jesus, our great and constant intercessor along the way. (Hebrews 7:25)

Covenant EFC’s prayer life is powered by the twin engines of intimacy and intercession. At the heart of intimacy is ministering to God before ministering to others. That is our spiritual birth right and privilege as His royal priesthood. It means spending unhurried time with God, with no agenda. This can be very counter-cultural in our fast-paced and high-performance world, even for His disciples. At the heart of intercession is calling on God before trying other options. The early Church was birthed through prayer, sustained through prayer, and multiplied through prayer. We can plant the seed, we can even water it, but only God gives the increase (1 Cor 3:16). And He does it in answer to prayer!

In addition to the regular prayer platforms such as the monthly CG Prayer and Praise to grow and be discipled in prayer, there are also opportunities to serve as intercessors and altar ministers in the Prayer ministry.

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The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) comes from the Lord Jesus Himself, who calls us to make disciples of all nations. The Outreach ministry aims to inspire, equip and provide platforms for Covenanters to express God’s love through relational evangelism, nurturing new believers, and blessing the community for Christ.

One of our key vehicles for relational evangelism is Alpha. The sessions provide a safe, welcoming space for non-believing family and friends to ask questions about the Christian faith. For our friends who come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour for the first time, it then becomes our duty to nurture and strengthen them by helping them build foundations for their new faith.

The Outreach ministry also spurs Covenanters to love the community for Christ through a variety of service opportunities. We organise storytelling programmes for children in the neighbourhood, befriending disadvantaged individuals and families, and escort individuals in need to medical appointments.

Email: alpha@cefc.org.sg (Alpha) and commbless@cefc.org.sg (Community Blessing).
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Click here to check out our Community Blessings Facebook page, or click here to join our Telegram group for opportunities to volunteer.


Disciplemaking requires intentional equipping and empowering so that we may grow and live out our distinctive calling to be disciplemakers. In this transformational journey to be “a certain kind” of disciple, we desire to grow Covenanters holistically – from head to heart to hands.

Intentional Discipleship Training (IDT)

IDT is a programme designed for maturing Christian disciples who have been a Christian for more than 2 years. It equips them to invest in continued growth in the knowledge of God through His Word, godly living by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the faithful proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God desires that His people seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and be a blessing to all the nations. By our love, obedience and fruitfulness, we want to glorify God with our lives and lead others to do likewise.

In this 18-month journey, we cover three modules of Word & KingdomRoots & Wings, and Mission & Mentoring (15 sessions per module). It comprises weekly two-hour sessions for learning in a big group as well as in same-gender discipleship groups (DGs). DG members journey as friends in a learning discipleship community, processing biblical teachings and relating them to daily living. They share lives, pray together, and provide mutual accountability and encouragement for daily spiritual practices, personal application and transformation.

The three inspirational modules are  IDT has three distinctives:

  • Inner Life Emphasis
  • Discipleship Core Curriculum
  • Transformational Personal Disciplines


Email: idtadmin@cefc.org.sg



SFF is an intentional discipleship training programme for newer Christians (six months to two years in the faith). It equips them to invest in their spiritual growth towards spiritual maturity and spiritual multiplication. God desires that His people grow in the knowledge of His Word and their obedience to walk in His ways, for our good and for His glory.

SFF is a one-year journey for each batch of disciples, covering four modules (seven sessions per module). It comprises weekly two-hour sessions for learning in both big and small groups. To develop their walk with God and deepen their inner life, participants are guided to practise personal disciplines: daily Bible reading and journaling, prayer, and Scripture meditation and memorisation. The small group members journey as friends in a learning discipleship community, processing biblical teachings and relating them to daily living. They share lives, pray together, and provide mutual accountability and encouragement for personal application and transformation.

The four foundational modules are:

  • Following Christ & Basic Discipleship
  • Prayer Life & Spiritual Warfare
  • PDA Lifestyle & Conversations that Connect
  • Spiritual Formation & Spiritual Nurture

Email: idtadmin@cefc.org.sg


IDMC Institute

At IDMC Institute (IDMCi), we train disciple-mentors of a certain kind!

IDMCi seeks to develop authentic disciples of spiritual depth ready for effective intentional disciple-making ministry in the local church, the working world (marketplace) and in cross-cultural missions.

Our philosophy is to create platforms for life-changing experiences with Christ through the engagement of the head (knowledge), heart (inner life) and hands (ministry skills). We anchor deep into God’s Word, inculcate spiritual disciplines, sharpen each others’ character and values as a community through intentional mentoring, application of truth and accountability.

IDMCi currently runs several programs. They include IDMCi | one, a year-long internship program to grow learner-leaders for the Kingdom; IDMCi | uni to spiritually prepare students entering tertiary institutions; and a Breakthrough and Immersion Executive Program to equip pastors and church leaders towards leading an IDMC.

Email: registrar@idmci.edu.sg


Small-Group Infrastructure

As an intentional disciplemaking church, Covenant EFC believes that everyone who is a disciple of Christ is also called to make disciples of Christ. Our small groups, called Covenant Groups (CGs), are the essential base for disciplemaking, where much of the discipleship and disciplemaking takes place.

Our CGs are covenantal communities, comprising followers of Jesus, who embrace their identities as both authentic disciples and intentional disciplemakers. By this, we purpose to follow Jesus, and to help others to follow Jesus. As spiritual communities, then, we covenant together to grow in spiritual maturity, and to practice spiritual multiplication of our lives in the lives of others. The CG community is therefore every member’s primary circle of spiritual family, pastoral care, fellowship and ministry to one another.

What are our CGs like? We have groups who are journeying together through the same life stage, as well as those more inter-generational in composition. CGs typically meet weekly in mutual commitment and accountability. The pastoral care of the CG is shepherded by a Zone Mentor, and zones are grouped under the spiritual covering of a District Mentor.

If you are new to us and would find out more about joining a CG, click here.

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Daily Devo
Daily Devotional Journal
Daniel 7:13-18, 25-27; 11:29-36
Sat, 2 December 2023

The Triumph


What characterises the triumph of God’s people in tribulations under tyrants?

Deeper Reflection
God’s people living under tyrants and suffering tribulations under them can triumph – whether we are delivered from or destroyed in tribulation. The triumph rests on a threefold confidence.We know the conclusion of evil. It is repeated in manifold ways in Daniel that evil that comes through inhuman kings – no matter how great and how long – will definitely come to an end: “he will be broken” (Dan 8:25), “he will be found no more” (Dan 11:19), “yet he will come to his end” (Dan 11:45) and “all these events will be completed” (Dan 12:7).We know God’s calling for us: To be a suffering people – to be captured, plundered, burned or killed (Dan 11:33). But in our suffering, we can be strong as “people who know their God” (Dan 11:32), knowing that God is purging and purifying us to become a sanctified (Dan 11:35; 12:10) and shining people who “shine brightly” with heavenly brightness in the hostile world (Dan 12:3). And we will be a steadfast people who “keep waiting and attain to the 1,335 days” (Dan 12:12) – until we become a sovereign people who “receive and possess the kingdom forever” from “the Ancient of Days” (vv.13-14, 18, 27).We know who is in control. The tribulations under the tyrants in Daniel 7 to 12 are all subject to and subsumed under “that which is decreed will be done” (Dan 11:36; 9:26, 27) “at the appointed time” (Dan 11:27, 29, 35).We conclude Daniel with this theological-discipleship summary statement: We can triumph in tribulations under tyrants when we trust with tenacity in the One who is on the throne.

How can I triumph in tribulations?

Write a prayer to God as your response from your meditation on and application of the Scriptures.
Prayer Pointers:
  • Give thanks and praise
  • Pray for Church Board: To grow in the faith and perseverance of overcomers in Christ
  • Pray for significant people
  • Pray for those in need
  • Pray for self

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