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Sermon Calendar

29 Nov
My Best to You (Mark 14:1-52)
Rev Barney Lau (Church@Home Service & EAST) | Ps Sharon Fong (BPJ) | Ps Ivan Ho (WDL)
6 Dec
Trails & Denials (Mark 14:53-15:15)
Rev Tan Kay Kiong (Church@Home Service & BPJ) | Ps Sandra Chi (WDL) | Ben Sun (East)
13 Dec
Crucifixion and Death (Mark 15:16-47)
Ps Edmund Wong (Church@Home Servce & WDL) | Rev David Chan (BPJ) | Ps Matthew Lo (WDL)
20 Dec
Resurrection (Mark 16:1-8)
Rev Tony Yeo (Church@Home Service, BPJ, WDL & EAST)
25 Dec
Christmas at Home
Ps Barney Lau (Church@Home Service)
27 Dec
Great Commission (Mark 16:9-20)
Rev Dr Chua Chung Kai (Church@Home & WDL) | Paul Shi (BPJ) | Ps Matthew Lo (East)
3 Jan
New Year: The Future, Disciple The Remnant
Rev Tony Yeo & Rev Tan Kay Kiong (Church@Home Service, BPJ, WDL & EAST)
10 Jan
Why is the Remnant so important?
Rev Edmund Chan (Church@Home Service, BPJ, WDL & EAST)
17 Jan
If the Remnant is so important, why is it so neglected?
Rev Barney Lau (Church@Home Service, BPJ, WDL & EAST)
24 Jan
What is the Remnant all about?
Rev Tan Kay Kiong (Church@Home Service, BPJ, WDL & EAST)
31 Jan
What makes the Remnant so difficult?
Rev Dr Chua Chung Kang (Church@Home Service, BPJ, WDL & EAST)
7 Feb
How can it be best accomplished?
Rev Tony Yeo (Church@Home Service, BPJ, WDL & EAST

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