As disciples of Christ, we are called to grow in grace and godliness. Through authentic discipleship and intentional disciplemaking, we mature towards all that God intends us to be.

Daily Devotional Journal

Wed, 1 December 2021

At This Point of Dilemma…

Scripture: 1 Samuel 29:1-5

Best Practices in our God-Relationship

Christianity is not merely a religion, it is a faith lived in loving relationship with a personal God. Yahweh, the God revealed in the

The Church as Community

Let’s begin with a quick exercise. The Bible uses many word pictures and metaphors to describe the church. What are some descriptions that come

How to Spend a Day With Jesus

One of the spiritual disciplines we need most in this fast-paced world is the practice of silence and solitude. This practice centres us back

Parenting From Inside Out: Lesson 1 – Modelling Discipleship at Home

Parenting From Inside Out – Lesson 1 (Member’s Workbook)

Love Makes Room for Others

Would you make room in your home to someone you don’t know? It is certainly not going to be an easy decision. Nevertheless, a

Greatness Redefined

In the Gospel of Mark, the Lord Jesus taught His disciples what following Him really entailed. Surprisingly, even Jesus’ hand-picked twelve apostles struggled to