Welcome to Bukit Panjang Centre! 

We’re looking forward to seeing every one of you next week as our services reopen across all three centres! 

We are grateful for how the government has handled the pandemic in Singapore. I believe coming together for the in-person service will deeply refresh our hearts and spirits.  

Recently, I was reminded that we are God’s dwelling place (Eph 2:22; Rev 21:3). God has chosen to make his abode with us and in us. God has chosen to draw near to us. This is vastly different from all other religions where people bring their sacrifices to appease their deity and find favour with the divine. But in Christianity, Jesus is our sacrifice and he has come to bestow his unmerited favour upon humanity. What an amazing grace!    

It is based on this divine approval that we then draw near and find a personal and intimate relationship with God. It is based on this benevolent God that we can find wisdom and strength for this long-drawn pandemic.     

So, as our centres reopen, we encourage you to reconnect afresh with the church community. We are meant to live in Kingdom community together. As we worship together, may the Church be a witness to the world of God’s glory and grace. 

SP Tan Kay Kiong

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