Dear Hi BPJ Covenanters

This past month, we rejoiced with parents who dedicated their 4 children to the Lord and set them apart for Jesus, that they may fulfil their God-given destiny and serve His purposes in their generation. We also received at our centre 44 Covenanters who joined us officially as church members. We believe God has a promise for everyone who plants their stake in Covenant as their spiritual family given in Isaiah 37:31, “And the surviving remnant of the house of Judah shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward.” May the Lord truly bring this to pass, so that we become the most Christlike disciplemakers of disciplemakers — to win generation and nations back to Jesus

It was a joy also to see our MP Mr Liang, Covenanters and New Life staff gather with our residents at Bukit Panjang Community Club to jalan jalan, makan and shop with them for their daily necessities as part of our Blessed2Bless initiative. We found the experience a positive way to build relationships and pray for any needs we hear. We look forward to future opportunities in the year to come. Akan datang! 

Let’s  continue to make the most of the coming Christmas season, to pray and invite our pre-believing friends and family to our Christmas outreaches. I am planning to invite some of those in my weekly prayer list as well. 

Look forward to see you and your guests at Christmas, 

Ps Edmund Wong 

Acting BPJ Centre Overseer

Grace Sanctuary Finale Service

Grace Sanctuary Highlights
SP Tan Kay Kiong

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