Hi Woodlands Covenanters,

Just like that and we’re already into the second month of 2023! It’s incredible how time seems to have flown past.

As we move out of the pandemic into our pre-pandemic “freedom,” how can we live in a more sustainable, life-giving way so that the pandemic won’t be “wasted” on us? “How can I live differently?” you may ask.

I invite you to make a conscious effort to grow your relationship with God. There is a big difference between going to church and knowing God. There is also a big difference between doing your quiet time and knowing God! Because we can go to church or CG and even do our quiet time but not have a deepening relationship with Jesus.

Relationships are built over time by being present and paying attention. Try this for 2 weeks:

  • Take 3 mins to hush your heart. It’s often filled with all the anxieties of the day. Place them into God’s hands and ask Him to take care of them.
  • Read a psalm slowly and ask yourself: What were the feelings of the psalmist as he was writing?
  • Where is God in the midst of the psalm? Pray back whatever the Spirit has spoken to you through the psalm.

Building a relationship requires our conscious effort to be present and pay attention. May you make those decisions daily and grow to know your Lord.

Ps Chung Kai


Chua Chung Kai

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