Welcome to Woodlands Centre! 

We’re looking forward to see all of you next week as our services reopen across all three centres! 

What’s upon my heart for this season?  

Spiritually, I sense GOD has led us through a “wilderness” period. The wilderness is not a nice place to be in. But it is a necessary place where our false support systems are stripped away and we are brought to the place of utter dependence upon Him… again. In that sense, it is not necessarily bad, because GOD is doing His work of preparing a people truly for Himself. What has the LORD revealed about yourself this season? Has it led you to a deeper dependence upon Him? That’s not just the way of the wilderness, it is His way of discipling our hearts.  

On a relational front, we are feeling multiple stressors as a result of the pandemic. The Zoom fatigue, the sense of isolation from the restrictions has also intensified a vague sense of emotional languishing. The mental well-being of our children and youth have also been impacted. We really need to meet up physically face-to-face!  

So, as our centres reopen, I encourage you to come back to church in-person!  

Even better news, we will be having our preschool and primary school kids back with us on 12 September. It has been over one and a half years since they met their friends. This physical face to face is critical for the building spiritual friendships, which in turn, is vital for them to find their sense of belonging, acceptance and meaning in who GOD is. Do look out for information from your DMKs for details as we keep to the government safe management measures.  

We look forward to having you back, worshipping together and ministering to one another the Presence of God. We are designed to live in Kingdom community together, that we may be a witness to the world of God’s glory. The LORD is doing His new thing, will you be part of it? 

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19 

Chua Chung Kai

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