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Sermon Calendar

October 21
Building Strong Families (Acts 18:24-28)
Rev Tony Yeo (BPJ) | Rev Dr Chua Chung Kai (WDL) | Rev Tan Kay Kiong (East)
October 28
Making an Impact (Acts 19:1-41)
Rev Tan Kay Kiong (BPJ) | Ps Matthew Lo (WDL) | Rev Barney Lau (East)
Nov 4
God's Blueprint for Disciplemaking (Acts 20:1-38)
Ps Edmund Wong (BPJ) | Ps Sandra Chi (WDL) | Rev Barney Lau (East)
Nov 11
New Life Sunday Message
Rev Edmund Chan (BPJ) | Rev Tan Kay Kiong (WDL) | Rev Tony Yeo (East)
Nov 18
Preparing for the End (Acts 21:1-36)
Rev Tan Kay Kiong (BPJ) | Rev Tony Yeo (WDL) | Ps Edmund Wong (East)
Nov 25
Paul's Discourse to the Jerusalem Crowd (Acts 21:37-22:29)
Ps Ivan Ho (BPJ) | Paul Shi (BPJ & WDL) | Rev Barney Lau (East)
Dec 2
When the Going gets Tough (Acts 22:30-23:35)
Rev Edmund Chan (BPJ, WDL & EAST)
Dec 9
Discerning God's Will (Acts 24:1-27)
Rev David Chan (BPJ) | Rev Tan Kay Kiong (WDL) | Ps Sharon Fong (East)
Dec 16
Obeying the Divine Call (Acts 25:1-26:32)
Ps Tan Siang Hong (BPJ) | Ps Sandra Chi (WDL) | Ps Matthew Lo (East)
Dec 23
Secure in God's Will (Acts 27:1-44)
Ps Ivan Ho (BPJ) | Ps Edmund Wong (WDL) | Paul Shi (East)
Dec 25
Christmas Message
Ps Lee Da-Win (BPJ) | Ps Sharon Fong (WDL) | Prof Freddy Boey (East)
Dec 30
Always on the Winning Side (Acts 28:1-30)
Ps Ann Chan (BPJ) | Rev Dr Chua Chung Kai (WDL) | Ps Matthew Lo (East)

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