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Sermon Calendar

Jan 21
Maturity Through Authentic Discipleship
Ps Lim Keng Yeow (BPJ) | Ps Ivan Ho (WDL) | Jeremy Koh (East)
Jan 28
MULTIPLICATION: Thru Intl Disciplemaking
Ps Lee Da-Win (BPJ) | Ps Edmund Wong (BPJ & WDL) | Rev Tony Yeo (East)
Feb 4
MINISTRY: So As to Reproduce Disciples of ACK
Rev Tan Kay Kiong (BPJ ) | Ps Sharon Fong (East) | Ps Matthew Lo (East)
Feb 11
MISSION: and to win the world for Christ
Rev Tony Yeo (BPJ) | Rev Tan Kay Kiong (WDL) | Ps Barney Lau (East)
Feb 18
CNY Family Svc
George Ong (BPJ) | Nicholas Choo (WDL) | David Leong (East)
Feb 25
Overview: We Are Church
Rev Dr Chua Chung Kai (BPJ, WDL & EAST)
Mar 4
Let the Church be the Church (Acts 1:1-11)
Ps Sharon Fong (BPJ) | | Paul Shi (WDL) | Rev Tony Yeo (East)
Mar 11
Sexuality I: "The Bare Facts" of Life
Rev Tan Kay Kiong (BPJ) | Rev Tony Yeo (WDL) | Ps Barney Lau (East)
Mar 18
Sexuality II: Others Can, I Can't (Sexual Purity)
Sean McDowell (BPJ, WDL & EAST)
Mar 25
Positioning for Power (Acts 1:12-26)
Ps Edmund Wong (BPJ) | Ps Ivan Ho (BPJ & WDL) | Ps Lee Da-Win (East)
Mar 30
Good Friday Service Message (Topical)
Ps Matthew Lo (BPJ) | Paul Shi (WDL) | Ps Andy Lew (East)
Apr 1
Easter Sunday Message (Topical)
Gordon Wong (BPJ) | Ps Tan Soo-Inn (WDL) | Rev Chris Chia (East)
Apr 8
The Birth of God's Church (Acts 2:1-13)
Ps Andy Lew (BPJ) | Ps Sharon Fong (WDL) | Ps Barney Lau (East)
Apr 15
The Church At Its Best (Acts 2:14-41)
Rev Dr Chua Chung Kai (BPJ) | Paul Shi (WDL) | Rev Tan Kay Kiong (East)
Apr 22
The Marks of a Spirit-Filled Church (Acts 2:42-47)
Ajith Fernando (BPJ, WDL & EAST)
Apr 29
The Mantle of a Spirit-Filled Church (Acts 3:1-26)
Rev Tony Yeo (BPJ) | Rev Tan Kay Kiong (WDL) | Ps Edmund Wong (East)

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