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josh mcdowellLike Father Like Son?


A Conference for Men

Men’s Ministry Network is organizing a Men’s Outreach Conference in partnership with Cru Singapore, hosted by Covenant EFC.

The Conference is entitled " Like Father, Like Son?" and addresses the deep impact of men’s relationship with their earthly fathers. Come and join us as we explore this key relationship and discover how we can relate rightly with our fathers that we might become the man we were meant to be. 

The speaker, Josh McDowell, had himself once walked this pivotal journey in his life. He will be sharing how the key decisions he had to make regarding his relationship with his father contributed to who he is today. Josh McDowell is a well sought after speaker who has spoken to over 25 million people in 125 countries, author of over 150 books, founder of a humanitarian organization who has delivered USD46 million of aid to various countries of the former Soviet Union.

As this is the year of proclamation we encourage all CEFC Men to take this opportunity to invite their male friends and family members who have yet to come to know or receive Christ, to attend this exciting Men's Conference together.

Sunday, 10th Mar 2019
2pm - 5:30pm
Covenant EFC (Hosting Church) at
90 Woodlands Dr 16
Singapore 737878

Tickets priced at $10 each

For enquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tickets: https://engage.cefc.org.sg

An Event for MEN ONLY

Organised by Men's Ministry Network. 
Supported by Cru Singapore. 
Hosted by Covenant EFC.

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