Why Covenant East Property?
We are putting a long-term stake in the Eastern part of Singapore where the Lord has already led us...

The new East property is the IDMC beacon which Covenant EFC is planting in the East of Singapore! Covenant East is not merely an additional worship centre, but must arise and thrive as an IDMC without walls blessing, serving and reaching the community for Christ through authentic discipleship and intentional disciplemaking of A Certain Kind.

1. Covenant EFC must be an integral member of the community to serve and reach it for Christ
Covenant EFC must be a fully-integrated contributor and permanent stakeholder, and not merely a fair-weather and self-serving transient consumer, for the grassroots community organisations to invest in a working relationship with us. A permanent property reflects that we are staying to serve and bless. A strategically located commercial property right in the heart of the community enables us to operate various community services including religious activities that will benefit the larger community. It paves the way for greater rapport and collaboration with grassroots organisations and leaders (such as the Citizens’ Consultative Committees, Residents’ Committees, and the Members of Parliaments) allowing us to bless, serve and reach the community for Christ.

2. Covenant EFC’s energies must be externally deployed, not internally depleted
Man-hours upon man-hours of setting up and tearing down all the necessary set-ups (audio/video, Sunbeam, WEB, hospitality, booths, tables, etc.) for a temporary worship centre for 52 Sundays a year for however many years across 3 rental facilities in Changi Business Park is not only inefficient but also distracts us from our core mission of intentional disciplemaking due to the amount of time and energy spent by many volunteers on a weekly basis, and the safety, security and other practical concerns of moving more than 100 children to and from Park Avenue Convention Centre to Capri Hotel for the TNG ministries, which deters new visitors with families from coming back or deciding to make Covenant their spiritual home.

3. Covenant EFC’s financial resources must be efficiently stewarded
Extrapolated long-term rental costs in our current facilities in Changi Business Park are equivalent to the total acquisition and building costs of a stand-alone commercial property, but for only 6 hours of use for only 52 Sundays a year. Any incremental space or time usage are subject to incremental costs dependent on availability. In addition, there is simply no long-term venue permanence or rental cost stability when rental agreements expire. A commercial property provides a permanent home with a much longer lease period and greater potential to retain and even increase value over time. In fact, it is a part of the current contract that Covenant East must find alternative venue three times a year with one month’s notice.

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