Serene Ho on behalf of her CG:

It started as an idea and with the church’s approval to set up a stall in our worship centre, it became a reality!

Our CG wasted no time to get our enthusiastic ladies to bake and build the church (even if it’s just laying a couple of bricks!). The guys were equally excited. Their encouragement and support as crowd-puller and sales personnel were invaluable indeed.

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We were so encouraged by the good and generous reception of church members over the two weekends. Over 200 bottles of goodies for Chinese New Year were sold. It was a total sell out!

It was such an exuberant journey for me and my CG to have our presence in our own church premise to sell our home-baked tarts and cookies. While our intention for “Bake 2028” is to raise fund, it has brought much fun and laughter to our CG. It has built camaraderie amongst the CG members and even some pre-believing friends. A new CG member shared, “I’m grateful for this opportunity as I’m so new to the CG. Through filling up the dough with the paste, I had the chance to get to know you, ladies, although I couldn’t bake!”

bake and build

In attempting to build the church, the church has built us as a CG. Above all, we thank God, our CEO, for birthing “Bake 2028”!