Frequently Asked Questions
F. A. Q.s

Registration Packages, Pricing, Rooming, Payment Transport Package and Refund

1. What is the difference between (1) Camp Package and (2) Room and Transport Package?

Camp Package – caters to conference and food cost.

Room and Transport Package – caters to accommodation and transportation (only two-way coach is available – from Singapore to campsite and campsite back to Singapore).

2. Why do I have to make two bookings for (1) the Camp Package and (2) the Room and Transport Package?

The two separate bookings were designed to:

  1. This is to provide better service to you
  2. Reduce your costs where possible, and
  3. Provide you with flexibility in your bookings.
E.g. If you have relatives or friends living in close proximity to the Camp venue and you wish to stay with them, you then only have to book the Camp Package.

3. What is the pricing for (1) the Camp Package and (2) the Room and Transport Package?

Please refer to our Pricing Table.

4. How can I pay for (1) the Camp Package; and (2) the Room & Transport Package?

You will be asked to pay for your Camp Package and your Room & Transport Package by credit card or debit card. Visa or Mastercard. If you do not have a credit or debit card, you can pay by cash or cheque offline within 2 weeks of registration as follows:

  1. Camp Package
    — Pay at Church Info Booth.
    Collection of offline payment will cease after 6 May 2018.
  2. Room & Transport Package
    — TAE Booth: Sundays (11 and 25 Mar only)
    — Cheques to be mailed directly to TAE office when TAE booths are no longer set up at our Worship Centres on Sundays to the following address
    Traveller and Explorer
    80 Short Street
    #10-03 Golden Wall Centre
    Singapore 188216

Please note that registration with offline payment will only be held for a maximum of 2 weeks. If payment is not received by then, the registration will be void.

We encourage you to make online payments for convenience and ease of administration. Please read the Camp Registration Guide carefully as well as the instructions on the respective booking sites when you register.

5. What rooms should I book for myself / my family?

The regular configuration for each room should look like the following options:

  • 2 Adults
  • 2 Adults + an infant/young child
  • 3 Adults (additional bed required)
  • 2 Adults + one older child (additional bed required)

Each bedroom can have a maximum of 1 extra bed only. For assistance regarding your accommodation requirements, please contact TAE office at 6836 8444 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5.30pm) , or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

6. Why am I not able to book the Room and Transport Package?

It is necessary to book the Camp Package first. With the Camp Package Reference ID given, it then allows you to book the Room and Transport Package.

(Important to note: If food [Camp Package] is booked at Palm Garden Resort, system will be locked to only allow booking of Palm Garden Resort room. See Q17 for further clarifications on arrangements between food and hotel.)

7. What if the registration is full? Will I still be able to have a slot?

Put yourself immediately on the waiting list online (registration). There usually are quite a bit of pull outs along the way, which means you will still have a high chance of attending the camp even though it is currently “full”.

8. What are the refund and cancellation policies for the Camp Package?

See below. The following information are also listed under the Terms & Conditions section on the registration website (before you proceed to do your booking).

Please have your valid credit card ready for online payment. If you choose to pay offline instead of online, then payment must be made in person at the Info Booth (operated on Sundays @ each of our Worship Centres) within 2 weeks of your registration. If you do not do so, your booking will be cancelled.


Cancellation datesPercentage Refund
Before 1 April 2018 (early bird period) 50%
On or after 1 April 2018 0%

Please note that you can only cancel your booking upon sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. notifying us about your intent. Do take note of the refund policy in Refund Policies above should you decide to cancel your booking.

If possible, consider replacements with other CG members instead of cancellation.

The Camp Committee reserves the right to cancel your booking if you have not paid the booking fees as specified in Payments above.

9. I don’t have a Voyager or an Engage Account, how may I apply for one?

Please ask your CGL to add you in Voyager. For regular worshippers not in CG, create an account at

Rooming, Baby Cot, Helper or Parents Accompanying

10. I do not have a roommate. How can I make a booking for the Room & Transport Package?

The minimum number of guests to make a room booking is two. Please find a suitable roommate (of the same gender) and make your booking online.

11. My domestic helper / parents are coming along with us. How do I make arrangements for her booking for the Camp?

If your domestic helper is not attending the Camp sessions and you have alternative meal arrangements for her, you do not need to book a Camp Package for them (just the Room & Transport package — meals can be requested at additional costs — please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If you wish them to join in any of the Camp sessions, you will need to pay for her Camp Package, which will cover all such costs. Note: Admission to Camp sessions and the meal areas is strictly by the Camp lanyard and nametag. (See Q14 for clarifications on how to request for additional meals.)

12. What will be required of you in order to check in smoothly during day 1?

Since there will be a lot of people checking in the room, it can take hours to sort out. In order to facilitate the process, prepare a photocopy of your passport details for the hotel staff to speed up the process.

13. I will be attending the camp with my spouse and 3 children. Can I book one room with an extra bed or do I have to book multiple rooms?

You can choose to book 1 room (Queen with Extra Bed or Twin with Extra Bed) or 2 rooms (Queen or Twin Room) and it is subjected to room availability.

14. Can I request for meals if I did not book Camp Package but only Rooms and Transport Package?

Actually, you will need to purchase a Camp package before proceeding to the Rooms and Transport Package Booking Website (You are not allowed to book rooms without a camp package). However, meal package can be purchased separately if those accompanying (parents and helpers) who are not attending the conference but would like to dine with campers. This can be requested via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

15. Can I get a baby cot in my room?

Yes, subject to availability. Please indicate your requirement of a baby cot under Special Request when you make your online booking for the Room & Transport Package.

Transport and Ferry to Le Meridian

16. Under the Rooms and Transport Package, can I book transport only?

The transport option is only available for those who are booking rooms through TAE. If you have booked your own accommodations you will need to make your own transport arrangements.

17. Will there be transport to ferry me from Le Meridian to the conference venue?

Shuttle buses will be available to ferry campers from Le Meridian hotel to the conference venue. Timings will be advised at the campsite.

Alternatively, the conference venue is only 15-minute walk from Le Meridian.

Meals and Eating with CGs

18. Do I get to eat with my cell group during mealtimes?

Where you stay will determine where you eat. (Those staying in Palm Garden Resort will eat at Palm Garden Resort. Those staying in Le Meridian and Marriott Hotel will eat at Marriott Hotel)

(Important to note: If you want to eat together with cell group, the entire cell group must book the same hotel accommodation.)

Children Registration, Programme and Leaders' Advance

19. Are there programmes for Momentum, WEB and Sunbeam?

For Momentum, there will be a separate camp in another location with its own registration process. For WEB and Sunbeam, there are programmes planned out in Camp Covenant 2018. Registration would be via the parents or adults coming. If they are coming on their own without parents, aunties or uncles who know them, please work through the WEB staff/leaders and email us.

20. Is there a leader's retreat this time?

There will be no leaders’ retreat this time.

21. Do I need to register my kids who are 4 years old (born 2015) and below?

You’ll need to register your kids 30 months and above to be eligible for our children’s programme, which means you have to put their names in when you register online.

Other Queries

22. Can a regular worshipper/newcomer attend?

Yes, after two initial weeks of early bird registration, regular worshippers and newcomers can still enjoy the early bird rate if they sign up before 30 Mar 2018. We encourage people who are new to Covenant EFC to be in a community, as we grow better as disciples this way. Thus, we open the registration for the rest of the newcomers / regular worshippers. Hopefully, they can be integrated into the community during the camp!

23. I will be taking a flight to and from Malaysia for the camp. May I know what time the camp will end on 8 June?

Registration for the rooms will be on 5 Jun, about 4 pm. The camp will end after lunchtime on 8 Jun. You are free to depart from the campsite thereafter. Please make adequate provision for travelling time from the campsite to the airport.

24. What if I want to go earlier or stay longer at the resort?

Currently, only Pre-stay is possible because of a another event after the camp. You may tick the Pre-stay button during your room booking at the Room & Transport Booking Website.