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Through spiritual retreats, teaching sessions and support groups, Women-in-Covenant (WiC) creates a safe environment where women can be equipped to grow, receive healing and find encouragement as they realise their fullest potential in God. We aim to nurture women to be firmly grounded in the Word and wholehearted in their worship of God.


Conducted once of twice a year, the gender specific breakthrough weekends are pivotal in a disciple's pilgrimage. Being an intentional disciple-making church, Covenant has made men and women breakthrough weekends part of membership requirement. Being the only church-wide event that crosses into the Sunday morning, this shows how important the breakthrough weekend is in light of the discipleship process. We encourage individuals periodically to come away (once every year if not once every two years) to spend extended time with God in rest, reflection, inspirational and instructive sharing by godly speakers as well as in mutual edification, encouragement and exhortation within small groups.

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