Chinese Workers Fellowship 恩友团契

God has opened the doors and the hearts of our Chinese migrant workers towards Him! Step up and serve with us as we co-labour with China Ministry and “Bless the Migrant Workers” (BMW) in reaching out to a large community of Chinese workers here in Singapore.

After last year’s “A Very Migrant Christmas” and this year’s Chinese New Year outing, over 100 workers came to know the Lord. 50 to 70 of them regularly attends the Sunday service where small group discussions are led by the newly formed Chinese Workers Fellowship (CWF) Ministry. Many of our brothers have also started to serve in various areas such as PA/sound, tech crews and manna helpers, and even shared their testimonies during the service. Watch the video here to see how God has been working in our midst.

Come join us! We do not require expertise to serve, all we need is a willing heart and a humble spirit.

Frequency: With more volunteers, we will be able to form more teams and serve once in 5-6 weeks

Commitment: Nov 2022 to Jun 2023

Venue: Sungei Tengah Lodge, 500 Old Choa Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 698924, Blk 506, 3rd floor, SG Accident Conference Hall.

Lunch – 12pm to 1pm (volunteers to arrive at 11am for set up)
Service cum discussion – 1pm to 3pm

1) Small group facilitators (Mandarin speaker)
2) Worship singers (Mandarin speaker)
3) Musicians (keyboard, guitar, drum)
4) Manna/food (no language requirement)
5) Befrienders (Basic Mandarin speaker)
6) Sunday service team to help with any on-site support, ushering, welcoming, operation, set-up, tech (no language requirement)
7) Prayer intercessors (on-site and off-site)
8) Event organizers and planners for events such as CNY, Good Friday, National Day, Mooncake Festival, Christmas, etc.

Sign up here. Email for enquiries.

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Daily Devo

Daily Devotional Journal

Daniel 7:19-27
Wed, 1 February 2023

Covert Sovereign Presence of God


What significant observations can you make about the people of God and what happened to them?

Deeper Reflection
In Daniel, the people of God are “to live out their faith in an increasingly hostile Gentile world under circumstances that would make it more and more difficult to do so” and count on “the sovereignty of God to sustain them generation after generation, crisis after crisis”1.There are significant theological contrasts in God’s people suffering for their faithfulness to God in Daniel 1-6 and 7-12. The sovereign presence of God is overt in Daniel 1-6, but covert in Daniel 7-12. The 24 occurrences of divine titles that underscore the supremacy and sovereignty of God are found 18 times in Daniel 1-6, but only six times in Daniel 7-12.2 God is highly visible in Daniel 1-6, in both text and narrative, but very less so in Daniel 7-12.God’s faithful people experienced God’s miraculous deliverance in Daniel 1-6 (3:24-28; 6:19-23). But there is no divine deliverance for them in Daniel 7-12. Instead, “they will fall by sword and by flame, by captivity and by plunder” (Dan 11:33). The confession of faith in God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the face of death points to these two pictures of God and deliverance. God is the God who is “able to…and will deliver” in Daniel 1-6, and He is the God who “does not” in Daniel 7-12 (Dan 3:17-18).When we go through difficult times, we prefer the God of Daniel 1-6 rather than the God of Daniel 7-12. But Daniel calls us to be “the people who know their God”, especially so in suffering tribulations (Dan 11:32). And such people know the God of both Daniel 1-6 and 7-12
1 Andrew E. Hill & John H. Walton, A Survey of the Old Testament (Zondervan, 1991), 352 2 See 31 January entry of Devotional Journal 2023

What do I expect as a part of the people of God?

Write a prayer to God as your response from your meditation on and application of the Scriptures.
Prayer Pointers:
  • Give thanks and praise
  • Pray for leaders
  • Pray for significant people
  • Pray for Singapore: That God will visit Singapore with His redemptive presence
  • Pray for self

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