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Intentional Discipleship Training (IDT)

Designed for maturing believers who want to grow deeper as disciples of Christ, Intentional Discipleship Training (IDT) is a 2-year journey which is Christ-centered, Word-grounded, Spirit-empowered, Kingdom-purposed and Life-investing.  IDT equips its participants eventually for enriched involvement and life-on-life investment in Covenant Groups (CGs).
IDT focuses on transforming lives and shaping convictions through:
Inner Life Emphasis: Tutoring each disciple's perspectives and inner life for growth and ministry.
Discipleship Core Curriculum: Undergoing an eightfold core-curriculum on the fundamental aspects of discipleship and which is purposeful and practical for life change.
Transformational Personal Disciplines: Growing personal capacity for fruitfulness, through spiritual disciplines of study, solitude, surrender and service, and practices of daily bible reading, journaling, scripture meditation and outreach.


This 2-year pilgrimage includes:
• 3 semesters of inspirational modules: Word & Kingdom, Roots & Wings and Personal Leadership
• Plenary teaching with support resources
• Empowering small-group community life of same gender participants
• Lifelong Bible study skills and Bible literacy, with Kingdom of God & Redemption story perspectives in reading the whole Bible
• A rejuvenating quiet day of contemplative prayer – “Day with Jesus”
• Participation in IDMC Conferences (IDT not inclusive of conference fees) with post conference discussion
• Enriching ministry application opportunities in the 4th module

May we train ourselves for godliness, for “godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come” (1 Tim 4:7-8).  May we then pass on to faithful men (2 Timothy 2:2) the godly legacy of authentic discipleship and intentional disciplemaking of A Certain Kind!

Please click HERE for for more details on venue and day of sessions.
• We also invite you to find out more about the basic module Spiritual Friends and Foundation.
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